P.O. Box 22110
Seattle, WA 98122
Tel: 206.382.1555
Fax: 206.325.9828

I practice psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, and general psychiatry for adults, as well as consultation on issues related to psychiatry.

I am board-certified in both Psychiatry and Internal Medicine.

The problems I treat may show themselves as depression; anxiety or panic; obsessions; delusions; relationship problems; job or academic problems, including stagnation, drug or alcohol issues; religious or spiritual crises; problems with eating or exercise; low self-esteem; problems with sexuality and gender; or loss of motivation, purpose, or direction in life.

I use psychotherapy, medications, and other modalities of treatment as they seem appropriate. My approach to psychotherapy is psychodynamic, with cognitive, behavioral, mindfulness, somatic, interpersonal, and other elements when they would be helpful.


Remote access: For the time being the physical office is closed and all visits are via telehealth. At the time of your appointment, use a web browser to go to this site: https://doxy.me/drpaulproberts. Be sure that there is not another application running on your machine that is accessing the camera. The site works best with browsers other than Firefox.